Research: already done and coming up

Research B12-Deficiency Research Group NL, Rotterdam

Data collected, not published yet / writing in progress:

  1. Vit B12-deficiency in GP’s Practice
  2. Incidence symptomatic B12-def ptn in Rotterdam Area
    • Star-Lab metadata Rotterdam Area : 160.000 ptn,
    • Serum B12, MCV, Hb,
    • 550 GP’s Rotterdam Area
    • Period 2010-2014
  3. Incidence of anaemia and/ or macrocitosis in symptomatic B12-def patients < 150 pmol/L n= 160.000
  4. Prospective quality of life questionnaire B12-def patients n=87 (including psychiatric symptoms)
  5. Retrospective quality of life questionnaire
    • 243ptn
  6. Cost & Time diagnosis
    • How many physicians a B12-def patient visits before diagnosis B12-def is made.
    • How long did it take before diagnosis B12def was taken (suffering and cost diagnosis)

Research coming up:

  1. Review: B12-deficiency diagnosis and treatment in context of clinical experience and guidelines. Do they match?
  2. Double Blind Randomized Prospective Research of symptomatic B12-Def. Ptn
  3. Vitamin B12-Deficiency: Symptoms & Treatment in Clinical Practice
  4. Incidence (mild to severe) of Neuropsychiatric clinical signs in B12-Deficiency
  5. Incidence of symptomatic B12-defiency in children and young Adults