Vitamin Conference Copenhagen, May 2016 | presentation research data

Schermafbeelding 2016-08-05 om 20.50.52There was made a great effort to create a program that provided newest knowledge on vitamins, but also rewarding discussions and experiences. Furthermore, we were also looking forward to meet old and new colleagues working on vitamins. The idea of this series of conferences is to establish a forum for scientist and regulators for whom the vitamins are of major concern. The focus of the conference will be the 13 vitamins from food and supplements, the content, their activity, biomarkers, and optimal dietary intake. So there was not only a focus on the b12 vitamin, but B12 played an important part in the conference.

The organisation was in very good hands of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), University of Copenhagen (UC), Aarhus University (AU).

The scientific committee invited me to present the abstract which I wrote together with Alex Brito:

Prevalence of vitamin B-12 deficiency and its relation to macrocytic anemia in an undiagnosed patient population (n=161,548) in the Rotterdam Area, the Netherlands.

A huge data analyses with also interesting other outcomes. A lot of the healthcare people still using microcytic anemia as a diagnostic tool for B12 deficiency. It is already prooven that B12 deficiency occurs also without the traditional hematologic markers. We provide, again, tremendous proof that this is not the case. Conference was very interesting in many ways. It was also a joy to meet other researchers again I’ve met earlier.

Clara Plattel

Coordinator, Researcher B12 Research Group NL, Rotterdam

You can download the abstract here:

Download abstract: Plattel-et.al_AbstractCopenhagen_VitaminConference2016CPlattel_Presentation26may2016_Copenhagen

Clara Plattel during presentation may 26 2016, main hall, picture: Alex Brito

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